Self Introduction


I am a photographer who was born, raised, now work and live in Hong Kong, China. For many years I have worked on creating traditional B/W pieces, with a contemporary perspective and touch. In recent years, I started to engage in Wet-Plate Processing technique for my creation.

From 1990, I mainly worked on modern B/W negatives. My equipment of choice had been large format cameras, including the utilization of the Zone System. At the turn of century, digital and electronic photo software and printer have become popular and widespread. Facing the varieties of photographic techniques and images, seemed like it was about time for me to slow down and take a breather. In 2004, some Wet-Plate pieces of Luther Gerlach attracted my attention. Perhaps I have found a new direction that suits my creativity? Between the years 2005 and 2006, I began to study and research about Wet-Plate Processing. This is such an ancient yet graceful style. It is also completely opposite to the trend of modern photographic technique. Yet it has now become the principal medium for my work of art in the last several years. In fact at this point in time, I believe myself to be the only contemporary photographer in Hong Kong and China engaging in Wet-Plate Processing?

My Gear:
Majority of my B/W photos were done on 5X7 or 8X10 inch B/W negatives. And they were printed on 11X14 to 20X24 inch B/W fiber based photo papers. I have a 8X10 inch wooden Canham camera. My other frequently use camera is a Linhoff, 5X7 inch, circa 1953. My collection of lenses range from 110mm to 646mm, made in Germany, UK, as well as Japan. For Wet-Plate Processing, I usually go with glass plates. They could be as small as a 4 inch piece up to 11 inch in length. I would use black color glass to capture positive image. However, if I were making print, then I would use a clear glass plate to capture the negative image, and print it out on either AZO photo paper, albumen paper, or simply use an ink-jet pigment printer. I utilize the same cameras as when I was working with B/W film. However I mount on rather antiquated lenses, mostly from UK or France.

10-2007 Ho Man Kei