The procedure of Wet Plate Photography


Wet Plate Collodion Photography is a simple process. Basically it involves the following five (5) steps:

1. Coat collodion on glass plate
2. Immerse the plate in a silver nitrate solution to sensitize it
3. Insert plate into camera, exposing it to capture image
4. Developing and fixing
5. Rinsing and drying

Wet Plate Photography involves very simple procedures. It only takes a little over ten minutes before the image starts to appear. With diligent and care, a satisfying piece of art can be obtained without too much difficulties. In today’s rapid advancement of technology, not only can we obtain information easily, but it is even easier for us to master the basics of Wet Plate Photography.


Never attempt Wet Plate Photo Processing without proper instruction or clear knowledge of chemical reaction. Improper procedures or handling might result in bodily injuries or otherwise create a dangerous situation. Please be advised!