Why Wet Plate Photography


As the world rapidly enters into digital image capturing and processing, we are furthering ourselves from traditional photographic technique. And it seems we are missing the elementary link between photography and art. Therefore I rather choose to slow down, to let this method of fast and furious image processing to still itself. I wanted to do something that digital processing cannot. I would like to find another method and attitude for photo processing, which is simple yet meticulous, to return to the elegant elements of photographic art. Now I have made my choice; I have chosen Wet-Plate Photography.

In today’s society, people mostly feel that the world is full of changes. When one has not even assurance of what happens next, Wet Plate Photography, a photo product which stands still and slow in pace, brings on a feeling of stability and tranquility. Contrast this with the nervous and uneasy mind-set of modern people, it acts as a buffer, providing real comfort. Today as we admire at the wet plate photographs, the various feelings and sentiments they nurtured, one can sense the elegance similar to literature and fine art. This is the element that is missing in modern photography. To this day, Wet Plate Photography has brought me such sentiment.

Today there is an increasing number of people learning Wet Plate Photography. Trying to get into or learn about Wet Plate Photography is easy and fun. What one can get out of it will also be a surprise. The truth is, there are not many photographers in this world engaging in Wet Plate Photography. In China or Hong Kong, I can say that I am a pioneer….or perhaps even the only one? My wish is that more would come to appreciate the elegance of Wet Plate Photography, and to use this as a tool in their creation. Anyone who is interested to learn may browse the Internet for more information. Or take a look at the workshop that I offer. Perhaps, after you master the technique of Wet Plate Photography, you will gain a new and unique direction in art creation.

When a photograph comes alive, it is worthy to be admired and relished forever.